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“Digital marketing is the promotion of the services or products to customers and businesses”.

Digital marketing makes use of digital products like laptops, personal computer, tablets and smart phones etc for marketing. Websites, emails, apps and social networks can access from the digital products. The main component of digital marketing is social media marketing. With the non-internet channel like TV, newspaper, radio or through internet such as e-mails, social media and banner ads digital marketing is accomplished. There are many organizations that still use traditional marketing but digital marketing is growing with the growing needs of the organizations.

We need to focus on the following areas to increase the marketing of the digital products online:

1. Segmentation: Segmentation is a process of dividing the customers according to their need, which helps to increase the sales through the digital products and digital marketing comes when these products are available on the web for sale through the online shopping websites.

2. Influencer marketing: It has become very easy to advertise the digital products due to the advancement of the internet. It is easy to influence the prospects and make them leads. It can be done through posting the links online on the different pages of the facebook and on open websites.

3. Collaborative environment: It is important to have a collaborative environment in any type of marketing process. Collaboration is necessary between the organization, service providers and the sales persons for the communication and the optimize efforts.

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